Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: The Battle For Bearded Supremacy

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Wednesday on Duck Dynasty Season 6 Episode 7, what began as a friendly game of badminton escalated into a full-on battle for sibling supremacy.

Of the outdoor and wilderness variety. Even Alan got in on the action!

Often maligned and subject to his older siblings' harassment, Jep said of his badminton triumph over WIllie and Jase: “They are losers, just not very good ones.”

True to form, Willie and Jase challenged their brothers to ... anything.

Pick an activity outside, the hirsute duo boasted, and they will prevail.

Jep produced a comeback familiar to those who watch Duck Dynasty online: "I'm better looking and I'm my mom’s favorite. Beat that ding dongs."

The ding dongs' challenge? Getting dropped off in the middle of the woods, teaming up in pairs, and racing back to Phil and Miss Kay's residence.

Do Al and Jep even stand a chance against Willie and Jase?

“Al’s turned into one of those bloated house cats,” Willie said of the beardless bro, the oldest of four, who teamed with youngest Jep to take on the pair.

“My brothers forget they're not the only ones with wilderness skills,” Al replied. "'Al's getting old, Al's not an outdoorsman, Al can't do this.’ I say we cut these boys.”

Meanwhile, Si helped Miss Kay with couponing.

“Now this is what it's all about boys,” said Si.

That it is.

Si, of course, soon got way too into the activity and developed a couponing obsession, even to the point where he boasted he would start using deodorant.

Jarring, we know.

“You're supposed to use [coupons] to save money, not to buy a bunch of things you don't even need,” a concerned Miss Kay said, starting to get a little scared. 

Back in the woods ... things were getting tense.

None of the four acquitted themselves particularly well, but in the end, it was underdog duo Alan and Jep who hitched a ride back to Phil’s and won.

At least through attrition.

Of course, the ultimate lesson here is much simper: “Every family has their own set of rules," Willie said, and "for the Robertsons, it’s pretty simple."

"Love God, love your family and love hunting ducks."

Can we get an amen?

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