Extant Series Premiere: Grade It!

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Move over, Matthew McConaughey. There's a new Oscar winner on television.

Halle Berry made her debut on Extant last night, a futuristic CBS drama that centers around the star as Molly Woods, an astronaut who returns home after over a year in space... with a surprise:

She's somehow pregnant.

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The opening episode didn’t reveal much about Molly’s mission, except that we did learn communication went down for about 13 hours at one point.

During this time, Molly was visited by her apparently dead ex-boyfriend, who was not actually dressed for space.

Was he an hallucination? The guy didn't show up on any cameras.

Later, ANOTHER apparently dead coworker appeared and told Molly she's not hallucinating, also telling her not to trust anyone. Gee, helpful!

Molly’s son, meanwhile, is a human-like robot created by her husband. The latter wants his wife to treat her child as if he’s normal, but something is clearly up with the young man robot.

Did you catch Extant Season 1 Episode 1? Will you be tuning in for more?

Grade the Extant premiere now:

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