Dog Refuses to Leave Late Owner's Body, Remains in Mourning

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We apologize ahead of time for making you cry again, dog lovers.

But a day after posting photos of this canine's last day on earth, we're back to the share the story of pit bull/terrier who remained by the side of his late owner in Oklahoma City over the weekend, despite local temperatures hitting 100 degrees.

Animal control officers were eventually called to the scene on Saturday, taking the poor pup to a local shelter, but fighting him every step of the way, as the dog kept trying to make his way back to his best friend's corpse.

Authorities say the owner died of natural causes.

The dog now resides at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, though he refuses to eat, to drink or even lift his head.

This is typical behavior, shelter supervisor Sheridan Lowery says.

"Their owner is deceased. They don't know what is going on. They don't know how to act. They don't know how to react," he told KFOR.

Lowery is hoping the dog soon finds new owners to take him in.

"If he’s shown this kind of attachment, this kind of dedication to family, he could make a really good family pet," he says.

Let's all hope so.

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