14 Photos of Dogs Acting as Man's Most Frustrating Friend

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Dogs are downright adorable.

Check out these photos of hilarious struggles that only dog owners would understand.

1. Muddy Buddy

Muddy Buddy
This is why most owners keep their dogs on a leash. And this is why most dogs do not want to be on a leash.

2. Skunked!

Consider this a lesson for all four-legged creatures: leave those skunks alone. They aren't worth it.

3. Shadow Playing

Shadow Playing
What is this dark thing on the ground?!? I better jump all over it and find out!

4. A Wait for the Bathroom

A Wait for the Bathroom
Some dogs have separation issues. In this case, three dogs have separation issues.

5. Hold Me, Master!

Hold Me, Master!
A thunderstorm?!? Hold me, please! Talk about an adorable dog-owner photo.

6. Incessant Begging

Incessant Begging
This is a key strategy employed by almost all canines. It rarely actually works, however.

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