Canada Day: 11 Celebrities Who Bring Home The Wrong Kind of Bacon!

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When we think of our neighbors to the North, we mostly think of beer, maple syrup, hockey, and more beer.

But Canada's contributions to the world of entertainment can't be ignored.

From truly talented comics like Seth Rogen and Jim Carrey to barely-tolerated hosers like Justin Bieber and...well, that's about it, Canada may not have any stars on its flag, but its got plenty among its people.

Some entries on this list may shock you (Quintessential California beach babe Pamela Anderson is a Canuck?!), while others make perfect sense. (Anyone as polite as Michael Cera must be Canadian!)

So while it may be cold, Canada has produced some stars that are truly hot - former couple Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are both from London Ontario - so check out the gallery above to see what stars pay for their Tim Horton's with toonies, eh?

As much as we're grateful for all that the above Canadians have brought to the worlds of music, television and movies, we'd like to say on behalf of all Americans: one more Justin Bieber arrest and we're shipping him back north!

Maybe some time on his native turf will be good for the boy. Just keep Bieber away from Rob Ford this time. No good can come of putting those two together.

Happy Canada Day!

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