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New video of Rob Ford smoking crack emerged today, leading the Toronto mayor to enter rehab.

No surprise there, but what is shocking is the alleged cause of Ford’s relapse: Ontario’s most famous citizen, Justin Bieber. 

The Toronto Star has published a detailed account of Ford’s latest bender which reportedly – bizarrely – included a run-in with the Biebs. 

According to witnesses when the two famous Canucks encountered each other in a club, Bieber jokingly asked Ford, “Did you bring any crack to smoke?”

Ford apparently became furious and returned to his private booth where he proceeded to drink heavily and do drugs for the remainder of the night.


So, yes: Justin Bieber may very well have made Rob Ford relapse.

We’re not sure who that should make us think less of – Ford or Bieber.

On the one hand, Justin’s cruel comments about one man’s very public struggle with addiction helped trigger the downfall of a once-beloved mayor.

On the other hand, any dude who’s so fragile he can be brought down by the Biebs probably shouldn’t be in charge of a city.

One things for certain, though: things up north are getting very weird. Remember when we were the messed-up ones?

Rob Ford Crack Video