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Are Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams back together, or getting back together? That’s the rumor going around, and it’s sure to make Notebook fans swoon!

Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams Dating?

The all-too-exciting rekindled romance buzz began not coincidentally after Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes became the subject of breakup rumors.

Their relationship trouble reportedly stems from her jealousy, and Ryan’s desire to get married and have children and Eva’s apathy towards settling down.

It’s possible this is all true.

It’s also possible that Ryan and Rachel were simply one of the cutest couples to ever exist, and tabloids are thus trying to simply will them back together.


In any case, after Ryan’s unofficial breakup with Eva Mendes, Gosling has slowly been seeing more of Rachel, who also happens to be single right now.

Jack. Pot.

The issue: One of the reasons they broke up was that they hated the attention from the press, and his career has only gotten hotter since that date.

Think they’ve gotten over that? Or want each other so desperately that they’ll do anything to be with one another, no matter the attention and scrutiny?

Are Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams getting back together, or is it just wishful thinking? Would they be the hottest couple alive if they did become one?

Discuss. And hope.