Bethenny Frankel Wears Baggy Clothing, Successfully Sticks It to Haters

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Well played, Bethenny Frankel. Very, very, very well played.

Earlier this week, the former Real Housewives of New York City cast member had some fun at home, squeezing into her four-year old's pajamas and posting the photo on Instagram.

"This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" Bethenny wrote, quickly receiving backlash from those who believe she's way too skinny and is setting a poor example for young fans.

But Frankel didn't back down from the critics, mocking their insults on Twitter and essentially telling them to get a life.

"BREAKING NEWS! World Scandal: Former reality star, failed talk show host & cocktail maven jokes by wearing her kids' pjs! #itcantbetrue," Bethenny sarcastically wrote in response.

And now she's added another response, posting a new picture to Instagram of herself in baggy shorts and a loose-fitting sweatshirt.

Frankel didn't include a caption with the image because, really, what needs to be said?

Bethenny Frankel in Baggy Clothes

Bethenny Frankel 1, Haters With Too Much Free Time on Their Hands 0.

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