11 Things You Never Knew About Lana Del Rey: Her Vagina Tastes Like WHAT?!

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For a woman who's sold over 8 million records worldwide, Lana Del Rey has managed to remain something of an enigma.

A recent Rolling Stone piece about Lana filled in some of the puzzle pieces (Perhaps that's why she nearly bailed mid-interview.), but there are still plenty of questions remaining.

Is she really dating Francesco Carrozzini? What's going on with Lana and James Franco?

Fortunately, Rolling Stone recently posted a companion piece to their Lana interview, and it manages to solve a few of the more puzzling mysteries surrounding LDR. There's still plenty we don't know, of course, but we kinda prefer it that way. We're sure she does to:

Jump into the gallery above to find out Lana's real age (It's not what you think.); what Seinfeld character she identifies with; and, yes, even what classic American flavor makes her think of her own lady bits.

Lana's a non-drinker (see the gallery for more on that), so we know the interviewer didn't ply her with liquor.

For some reason, however, during the two days she spent with journalist Brian Hiatt, Lana shed her aloof chanteuse persona, and shared a number of surprising tidbits about her past, her career, and her outlook on life.

Sadly, she doesn't provide a whole lot of insight into why she dissed Lady Gaga on "So Legit." We may never get to the bottom of that one. Might be for the best.

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