11 Surprising Facts About Lana Dey Rey!

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Lana Del Rey has been on the A-list for a while now, but she's still something of an enigma. Here are some facts to help you untangle the mystery of LDR.

1. She Loves Her Cigs

She Loves Her Cigs
Lana is a self-described "chain-smoker." Let's hope her pack-a-day doesn't damage her amazing voice.

2. She's a Recovering Alcoholic

She's a Recovering Alcoholic
Lana quit drinking after developing a serious dependency while still in her teens. She's described her battle with the bottle as, "The worst thing that's ever happened to me."

3. She Likes Older Men

She Likes Older Men
Many of the men Lana has dated have been considerably older than her. She's said that she "has nothing in common" with men in their 20s.

4. She's 29, Not 28

She's 29, Not 28
For some reason, the media has shaved a year off of Lana's age. She denies responsibility for the false reporting.

5. Her Vagina Tastes Like "Pepsi Cola"

Her Vagina Tastes Like "Pepsi Cola"
At least according to her lyrics. Lana says the line in "Cola" was inspired by a remark from her ex-boyfriend, James-Barrie O'Neill.

6. She Used to Perform as "Sparkle Jump Rope Queen"

She Used to Perform as "Sparkle Jump Rope Queen"
She also used several other stage names early in her career including Phenomena, and her birth name, Lizzie Grant.

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