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Ready to meet the World’s Ugliest Dog?

This annual competition was held for the 26th year in California on Saturday night, with a 2-year-old mutt named Peanut taking home top bottom honors.

Owner Holly Chandler (of Greenville, North Carolina) said her canine’s wild hair, bulging eyes and protruding teeth belie were the result of his first owner actually burning him as a puppy.

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She plans to use the $1,500 grand prize to help with Peanut’s veterinary bills.


For this unusual contest, the dogs are scored by a three-judge panel in multiple categories, including special or unusual attributes, personality and natural ugliness.

A previous World’s Ugliest Dog winner, Elwood, passed away in December.

We send our very best to Peanut and his owner, as this young dog serves to inspire all who learn his story.