Kandi's Wedding Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: We Want Prenup, Todd!

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This week, on Kandi's Wedding Season 1 Episode 4, Todd receives a prenup from Kandi who wants him to sign it but he is "concerned." Cue the drama.

For whatever reason, Kandi’s lawyers waited until the last second to hand over the prenup and Todd didn’t appreciate being “handled” by his wife-to-be.

With barely any time to read, contest or discuss points in the settlement he doesn’t like - and there are a few - he felt he was getting the shaft up in here.

Kandi's Wedding Drama

For example, in the event of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star's demise, he would get nothing under this deal, which he and his lawyer find unfair.

Todd claims to have given up opportunities to work outside the U.S. based on how Kandi felt about that, and thus feels these sacrifices mean nothing to her.

Nor does the prenup credit him with any past or future work regarding Kandi's career, but Kandi’s lawyers don't want to budge and give an inch at all.

Meanwhile, the bachelor and bachelorette parties are underway and Todd and Kandi agreed to not doing anything too wild. Will they be true to their word?

Phaedra Parks provided the entertainment for Kandi's end of that bargain, and that meant strippers of the female variety ... one of whom is a little person.

As for Todd, “his boys” surrounded him with scantily clad women yearning to feed him strawberries and give him lap dances. Pretty wild stuff there.

Kandi's Wedding Stripper

The next day, the hangover hit hard.

In more ways than one for Todd, as Kandi sat down to speak with him after her lawyers wanted her to put off the wedding thanks to his lawyer's "notes."

Todd Tucker says his lawyer found the contract to be unfavorable towards his own interests, which she's not pleased with, as he's trying to get money.

Todd made it known that he’s had to give up things and that this deal is basically trying to railroad him into being the unpaid partner of Kandi Burruss.

He has a point in terms of being pushed around by her attorneys, but he's just making Mama Joyce look right by protesting so much with his own lawyer.

Bottom line? Just work it out yourselves with no lawyers, idiots. Have an actual talk about your issues and hammer out a mutually acceptable settlement deal.

Is that so hard?

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