Woman Loses Panties at Laundromat, Unwittingly Inspires Breakup & Bulletin Board Material

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Typically, a laundromat trip is a run-of-the-mill thing you wish you didn't have to do, but is generally painless. Heck, at least it gets you out of the apartment for a bit.

In the case of this one woman, though, it resulted in a lost pair of underwear.

And for the guy who ended up with them in his laundry, a loss of even more.

Lost Panties, Girlfriend

Yes ... dude claims he got dumped because someone else's panties ended up in his laundry basket, a pretty incredible turn of events for a few reasons:

  1. How do you not notice such a brightly-colored garment before you start?
  2. His now-ex really didn't buy this unusual, yet totally plausible excuse?

Questions we cannot answer. But all of a sudden that random person dumping all our clothes on the counter because we were gone for two minutes seems tame.

For the love of all things holy, check the machine next time, or save up and invest in one for your place. And tack this on to our list of passive-aggressive notes: