25 Most Passive Aggressive Notes Ever

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Here are 23 passive aggressive notes (without the passive part) that prove it's just really hard for some people to coexist. We wouldn't want to be their neighbors.


1. Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best
She brought you into this world. She can take you out of it.

2. You Park Like a Jackass

You Park Like a Jackass
Who hasn't wanted to hand out a stack of these in the Target parking lot, right?

3. Dead To Me

Dead To Me
The only thing that would make this cake better is if it's red velvet.

4. How's Your Aim?

How's Your Aim?
If you live with dudes, you probably know this frustration all too well.

5. The Threat Is Real

The Threat Is Real
The threat of a note delivered...in a note. The most passive aggressive note in this bunch.

6. Pizza Guy

Pizza Guy
Did mom work out some pizza delivery porn fantasies? What happened here?

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