Taylor Swift Poses with New Kitten: Meet Olivia Benson!

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Taylor Swift may have one reason to be sad at the moment: three men were arrested this week for breaking into her mansion.

But the singer also has a reason to feel happy - and her name is Olivia Benson.

Yes, that's the awesome, Law & Order-based moniker Swift has given to her new kitten, an adorable pet the artist shared with fans on Instagram yesterday.

Taylor Swift, Cat

Taylor is clearly excited about the addition, though the same can't be said for Swift's other cat, Meredith.

"Love me too pls,” Meredith Tweeted in response to the picture, adding: "you are everything to me… I just wanna show you, she don’t even know you… and you just see right through me. And all the young things line up to take your plaaaacee."

It really is true: Taylor Swift's cat Meredith has its own Twitter account.

In a old interview with Teen Vogue, Swift admitted if she could have dinner with anyone from a movie, book, or TV show, it would be Detective Olivia Benson, portrayed for many years by Mariska Hargitay.

Meredith, meanwhile, is named after Meredith Grey on ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

Between touring and dancing in some very cool GIFs, it's clear Swift watches a great deal of television.

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