Taylor Swift Mansion Attacked By Bottle-Throwing Rhode Island Miscreants; Three Arrested

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Taylor Swift's Rhode Island home is making headlines again, and not because she throws sweet parties or shacks up with one of her many boyfriends there.

The Grammy winner's palatial estate was besieged by three mischievous fans who launched a bottle attack Saturday, leading to their swift arrests.

The Westerly, R.I., Police Department confirms that someone called them to report an incident taking place at Taylor's home on Saturday night.

Officials responded to the scene after receiving a report that three suspects were launching beer bottles onto the property from neighboring East Beach.

Swift wasn't home at the time.

When officers arrived to the residence, a security guard who stated that two males and one female threw beer bottles onto the property and flipped him off.

All three suspects were still on the beach, making it easy for the cops to bust Michael Horrigan, 29, Tristan J. Kading, 28, and Emily E. Kading, 26.

The trio was booked and charged with disorderly conduct. It's unclear if they're fans of the crooner or if they dislike her and were just feelin' 26, 28 and 29.

The house in Westerly's prestigious Watch Hill has become a local news cow for the idea ever since Swift made it her own a couple of years ago.

In May 2013, the Westerly Police arrested a 22-year-old male for trespassing while he was walking down the street toward the Red singer's place.

Swift also sparked controversy by rebuilding parts of the seawall behind the premises, though her actions were upheld by the local zoning commission.

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