Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Meri Dropped the Bomb on Them

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The fifth season premiere of Sister Wives, “Meri Drops a Bomb,” was not as explosive as the title would have you believe, but Meri did shake things up.

Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 1 kicks off with Kody making dinner for Meri and Dayton’s birthday and talking about his online jewelry boutique plan.

Dad of the Year Kody jokes that he feels uncomfortable snuggling with Dayton before bed now that he's 14; Dayton has been diagnosed with Asperger’s.

At dinner to celebrate Meri's birthday, she gets ready to drop the bomb. That's when she announces to Kody that she is ... going to go back to college.

She was afraid Kody would disapprove, but is relieved when he says he's excited for her and they conclude their dinner date with some dancing.

The next night is Kristine's, and at her house, their daughter Mykelti and her boyfriend John join the couple for dinner. Things are getting serious, too.

At Kristine's urging, Kody gives them a speech about the “danger zones,” and says that kissing and holding hands only head to broken hearts.

Straight out of the Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard playbook.

Kode-Man says when you kiss someone, their hormones go in to your mouth, tricking you into thinking you are in love and "sowing your wild oats.”

Seriously. The Duggar Family would be proud of this.

Next up? Kody heads out with Janelle to celebrate their anniversary. It's almost uneventful, as they are as happy 20 years later as they were then.

Things aren't going as smoothly for Robyn, who breaks the news to Kody that she doesn't think she can have another baby until her workload is lightened.

Upset that they don't resolve issues regarding the expansion their family or their business, Robyn is not on the best of terms with Kody and vice versa.

Kody's friend Stan, who owns a consulting firm and does venture capitalism, gives him tough love about his ideas, which aren't fleshed out at all.

Finally, it's Kody's birthday party, and Meri breaks the news to Robyn that she is going to start college, thus doubling Robyn’s workload at the boutique.

Meri argues that she is still going to be Robyn’s partner, but Robyn isn't buying it. One can't help but wonder how this rift will be healed. Until next time ...

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