Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: A Dark, Terror-Filled Night

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Turns out, Melisandre is right:

The night really is long and full of terrors.

Never was that more evident than on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 9, an installment that hearkened back to the classic battle of Blackwater by giving us an hour entirely centered on the battle of Castle Black.

There was gorgeous cinematography throughout an installment truly impressive in scope, yet not a lot to actually analyze and/or review, considering the singular focus.

So let's rundown "The Watchers on the Wall" by handing out a few weekly awards, shall we?

MVP: Jon Snow. D'uh! Ned Stark's bastard son led via action, turning the tide of the fight by elevating down, grabbing his sword and cracking some major skulls (when he wasn't driving hammers into those skulls, that is).

We hate to break it to a now-deceased Ygritte, but Jon Snow does not know nothing. He knows how to lead an army.

SADDEST DEATH: Poor Ygritte. In the end, she was done in by love,  continuing an over-arching theme on Game of Thrones: No one ever really gets what he or she wants. Darkness wins out in the end. Let's hope Ygritte ends up swimming naked for all of eternity in the after-life.

UNEXPECTED HERO: Alliser Thorne. He owned up to his mistake to Jon Snow, while also giving a pair of rousing speeches and acting as the anti-Joffrey. He got right in the middle of the battle and lost his life as a result of it.

BEST COUPLE ON TV: Sam and Gilly. Sorry, Castle fans, Grey's Anatomy viewers or anyone else who cares to disagree. The relationship between Sam and Gilly is the most moving on television. But will she let him get past first base?

BEST SIXTH MAN: Ghost. Why was he ever locked up in the first place?!? As soon as Ghost was unleashed, he went straight after the Wildlings and worked alongside his master to swing the outcome in the favor on the Night's Watch. Someone deserves some serious belly rubbing today.

BEST MOMENT: Grenn reciting the vows along with his men in the moments before they all died... but not before they held the inner gate and played a key role in victory.

MOST QUESTIONABLE DECISION: Jon Snow going off to kill Mance, without a sword or help from, well, anyone. Yes, it's their only option, but share the spotlight with someone else, man. Or at least have yourself a drink first.

You've certainly earned it.

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