Selena Gomez: No Makeup Selfie Features Makeup?

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The no makeup selfie bandwagon shows no signs of slowing down, but are some stars trying to fool their fans?

Selena Gomez shared a no makeup shot from her recent trip to Nepal last week and no one was surprised to see that the singer looked stunning with a naked face.

But some fans are calling shenanigans on a photo that Selena posted on Instagram yesterday.

Selena Gomez: No Makeup on Instagram

The photo above was presented without a caption, but in the 24 hours since it was posted, it's been widely circulated as a "no makeup selfie" and Selena has yet to correct anyone who labeled it that way.

The problem? Many fans claim that Selena is wearing makeup in the closeup selfie. 

It's difficult to tell for sure either way, but one thing is certain: Selena is far from the first celebrity to be accused of a bogus no-makeup shot.

Recently, Lana Del Rey's no makeup photo for a German magazine prompted claims that the songstress was clearly wearing eyeliner when she snapped the pic.

So the idea of these photos is that stars encourage women to be more accepting of themselves by presenting blemish-and-all selfies, but now, ironically, the trend is causing some celebs to receive more criticism than ever from fans who feel duped.

Could the no makeup fad be collapsing on itself?! Either way this whole mini-controversy serves as evidence that the Internet is a very strange place. 

Check out some more stars going makeup-free (Or are they?!) in the gallery below: 

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