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Lana Del Rey sang at Kim Kardashian’s rehearsal dinner over the weekend, and while it’s cool that she played such a key role in the star-studded Wedding of the Century, we’re even more impressed by Lana’s latest feat – looking incredibly hot without a drop of makeup!

Yes, the former Lizzie Grant took a bare-faced photo for German magazine Intro‘s “selfie issue,” and she looks just as gorgeous au naturel as she does when she’s glammed-up to take the stage.

We like that Lana accessorized with a baseball cap and ice cream bar to really give the impression of a candid, off-guard moment (even though she took the photo herself).

Speaking to the magazine about her new album Ultraviolence, Lana says, “It has all the elements I wanted: beauty, hardness, feminity, the clash between masculine and feminine.”

We’d say the same about the photo above! (We’re guessing a stylish baseball cap is the closest Lana ever gets to “masculine.”)

In addition to surprising us with her fresh-faced look, the 27-year-old chanteuse has plenty of other things to celebrate these days.

Recently, Lana got engaged to Barrie-James O’Neill and her forthcoming third studio album is expected to enjoy blockbuster sales.

We think it’s safe to say Ms. Del Rey is killin’ it lately…and looking beautiful while doing so. 

Check out the video for Lana’s single “West Coast” below:

Lana Del Rey: West Coast Video