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Selena Gomez doesn’t want Justin Bieber back – she’s made that much clear on several occasions.

Still, their on and off relationship went on for years (and Bieber took Gomez’ virginity, a fact he brings up whenever given the chance) ,so it’s only natural that she still has some emotions attached to her former flame.

According to sources close to Selena, in the wake of the Bieber racist video scandal, those emotions mostly take the form of pity for her jackass ex.

Selena Gomez: Goddess

Sources close to Selena say that the singer “feels sorry” for Justin and has expressed a desire to see him get the help that he needs.

That said, her camp has reportedly encouraged to keep her distance from Justin while this scandal plays out, so we guess he’ll have to look elsewhere for a shoulder to cry on.


We’re sure that bony shoulder will belong to a runway model, as Justin’s mind-blowingly racist videos seem to have not hurt his standing in the celebrity community at all.

Entertainers ranging from Lil Wayne to Whoopi Goldberg have come to Justin’s defense and offered a wide array of explanations for his bizarrely racist “jokes.” 

Only time will tell what sort of impact these clips will have on Justin’s career in the long-term, but one this is for certain, as more videos leak showing a very ugly side of Justin, Selena must become more and more certain that she made the right choice in going her own way.