Robin Thicke "Get Her Back" Video Premieres: TMI Alert!

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Robin Thicke wants to get back together with his estranged wife Paula Patton, and he's making sure the whole world knows it.

First, Thicke named his new album "Paula" (subtle), now he's released a music video that's basically a 4-minute apology for effing things up the first time around.

While Robin bemoans the state of his relationship with blood on his face (?) angry text messages flash across the screen...and, man, do they paint a disturbing picture of Paula and Robin's relationship.

Highlights include: "I kept trying to warn you you were pushing me too far;" "You drink too much;" and "Why why why why why???" 

Needless to say, "Blurred Lines" it ain't.

We're sorry for your relationship troubles, Robin, but we'd like to offer some career advice: less depressing divorce drama and more naked Emily Ratajkowski.

The "Get Her Back" video concludes with a model who looks an awful lot like Patton walking away from Thicke while a test reading, "This is just the beginning," appears on screen. 

It's the sort of tactic that's led some to believe that Thicke's very public attempts to win his wife back have veered into creepy territory. Regardless, the singer seems undeterred.

After all, he and Patton were married for nearly nine years and she's the mother of his young son, Julian.

So it's understandable Robin would be willing to pull out all the stops to make things work. We just hope for his sake that all this campaigning to save his marriage is having the desired effect.

There's a very thin line between devoted ex and terrifying stalker. In Robin's case, we think that line might be blurred.

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