Cara Delevingne: Nude, Flashing on Instagram!

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Cara Delevingne is flashing her fans in more ways than one.

The rising British supermodel took to Instagram to share a number of photos from her trip to the Indonesian island of Bali, a beautiful, sought-after travel destination.

Clearly, that's what everybody will be looking at here.

Cara Delevingne Instagram

In one particularly racy shot, Cara Delevingne appears to be naked, covered only by a pair of lit flashlights on her chest and a No-Entry sign over her lady parts.

Those dueling under boob tattoos sure are artsy.

Check out the (NSFW) photo below and see the lush Bail scenery, and the 22-year-old hotness that Michelle Rodriguez is likely sampling as we speak ...

Cara Delevingne Nude Pic

Her body ink reads "Don't worry, be happy."

Bobby McFerrin must be so flattered, wherever he is right now, to have inspired one of Cara Delevingne's tattoos, of which has at least 14 in total.

The supermodel also recently posed naked for a new campaign for handbag brand Mulberry, for which she is launching her first collection in September.

So expect more of her nude ASAP. Nice.

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