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Rihanna and Chris Martin are both newly single and the two were spotted leaving swanky LA restaurant Giorgio Baldi last night.

As you might expect, millions consequently lost their minds over the possibility that this unlikely pairing might be a romance in the making,

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Rihanna broke up with Drake just last month and has been reportedly very much enjoying the single life ever since.

Martin, of course, is still in the process of his "conscious uncoupling" from wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

So with their high-profile relationships in the past, could these two be seeking solace (with benefits) in one another?

After all, both are rumored to be avoiding serious relationships in favor of playing the field, so it’s possible that they’ve reached some sort of "no strings attached" arrangement.


Martin and Rihanna collaborated on a song in 2012, so it’s also possible that they just met up to discuss another creative partnership.

However, the pains that both parties took to avoid being seen entering or leaving the restaurant together have certainly raised some eyebrows.

After all, following the insane things Gwyneth Paltrow has been saying in public lately, Chris may want a woman who attracts attention n a different way. Like, say, wearing a see through dress on the red carpet: