9 Stages of Dating in the Hook-Up Era: It's Complicated, Like OMG!

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Dating is hard, you guys! Just ask Taylor Swift! She could write a master class in how NOT to date by this point. And probably a song or 12, too! 

Hollywood relationships fall apart as quickly as they come together, and the truth is that real life isn't much different for many teens and twentysomethings.

So what are they "rules" of dating these days? Are there any rules anymore, unwritten or otherwise? Not that we can tell, but we've observed some definite trends.

We're not saying you should do these things - don't yell at us if your booty call doesn't progress to friends with benefits, okay? - but they are increasingly common.

To illustrate the modern romantic landscape, here are the nine stages of dating in this modern, technology-driven, endlessly confusing hook-up era:

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