Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: Who Shot Ezra?

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So... was the wait worth it, ABC Family fans?

Following months of hype and anticipation, Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 1 answered a major question last night: Who shot Ezra Fitz?

The culprit turned out to be Shana, though we won’t have all summer to ask any more questions about this shooter: after she pulled a weapon and explained how her deeds were related to “justice” for Jenna, Aria sent the nut job tumbling to her death.

By accident, of course.

Back in Rosewood, meanwhile, the Hastings were up to their typical family drama, as Melissa struggled with own huge secret. But could it be?!?

Something Daddy Dearest won't even let his daughter say out loud. Hmmm....

But Mona has her own issues to contemplate. She was peeved seeing Alison’s face plastered on the news and it looks like she has a new team of her own now.

Lucas and Melissa are included among Mona’s minions, though Paige was not willing to join this group of anti-Alison crusaders.

Elsewhere, Ezria 'shippers got a few moments to celebrate, as Aria chose to remain by her ex-boyfriend's side throughout his sexy coma. He woke up just in time to warn Aria about Shana...

... and to get everyone's hopes up that there still could be hope for these two.

Finally, we learned that CeCe was never actually Red Coat. She arrived in Rosewood to collect intel on Ezra and killed Detective Wilden once things spiraled out of control. But Alison had a plane ticket for Vivian Darkbloom and she took off for freedom toward the end of the hour.

For now, at least.

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