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It’s been a week of many controversies and WTF?! moments for Miley Cyrus, even by the incredibly high standards she set during every previous week of her career.

First, Miley danced with her sister Noah in a fashion that some considered inappropriate for a 14-year-old.

Later that same day, the whole world saw video of Miley dissing Selena Gomez on stage in the most baffling fashion possible. 

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With the dust still not settled from that incident, Miley seems determined to keep the ball rolling and the spotlight on her, as she’s posted a makeup-free selfie to Instagram and revealed that she and Noah share the same bed.


Okay, she doesn’t some right out and say that they sleep next to each other, but Miley’s caption reads, “in the mornin,” which would certainly seem to suggest that the two of them just woke up.

Look, we’re not suggesting that there’s anything weird or inappropriate about Miley’s relationship with her little sister, but it’s easy to see why some folks might be worried about what Noah witnesses when she travels with her big sis on the road.

Based on the photos we’ve seen, we’re not sure if anyone is old enough for the Bangerz tour

In conclusion, Miley looks good without makeup on and kids fresh out of middle school shouldn’t go to events with giant inflatable dildos. The end.