Kanye West Slams President Obama, Is on a "Mission from God"

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Kanye West recently married Kim Kardashian and also celebrated the one-year birthday of his daughter.

But the rapper doesn't wanna talk about any of that.

Instead, via an interview with Power106FM, the rapper would like to discuss Iraq, the problem with being President… and the Almighty.

"You can't effect change from inside the White House,” Kanye said of Barack Obama sending 300 military advisors to Iraq to deal with upheaval in that nation. “You gotta have the money."

He then seemed to contradict himself, adding: "Good ideas usually aren’t connected to money as much …Creativity and extreme genius are extremely cheap."

Kanye and Obama go way back... and not in a good way.

In 2009, the President referred to West as a jackass.

In 2012, the President gave a speech in which he cited Kardashian and West as examples of an unfortunate shift in celebrity-based culture, one in which we judge success on a ridiculous "window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous."

Months later, Kanye shot back during a concert in London, telling the crowd he doesn't "give a f-ck" what the President has to say.

"Don't worry about how I'm saying what I'm saying. Look at what I'm saying and how I feel my intent is," West said in this latest Q&A, adding:

"You do not want to go against the power. I'm working on one mission, and that's a mission from God."

Oh, okay. Our bad, Kanye. We weren't aware of that. Carry on!!!

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