Kanye West: Should He Run for Mayor of Chicago?

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Move over, Rahm Emanuel. And make room for... Mayor Yeezus?

With Emanuel's approval rating hovering around 29 percent, and with under a year to go until the next Mayoral election in Chicago, local artist/writer Ben Shepard has thrown his support around someone not quite in the race:

Mr. Kim Kardashian himself.

Shepard has created Kanye4mayor.org, a website that states how and why “Mayor West could lead a movement to make [Chicago] the best city in the world.

Why, you might wonder, would a resident want someone in charge who thinks Kardashian is the ideal celebrity?

Because "Kanye West is famous, not associated with the existing power structure and clearly willing to use creative methods," Shepard writes.

The campaign admits there “is no way to tell if [Kanye] shares the vision of a New Chicago,” but Shepard points to three pieces of evidence that make this possible:

  1. West grew up in the South Side and "presumably understands the situation."
  2. The politics "implied by the lyrics and remarks as quoted all over" Kanye4mayor.org.
  3. The final track of "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' [‘See Me Now’].”

Shepard also has penned an open letter to West, outlining the areas that he feels would be most in need of change, including schools, democracy, public transport and peace.

Kanye is yet to respond. Possibly because he's too busy fighting over a honeymoon baby with his new bride.

But YOU can respond right now: Should Kanye West run for Mayor of Chicago?

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