Justin Bieber to Be Charged with Vandalism

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Justin Bieber may soon have trouble sleeping again.

The singer - who has reportedly agreed to a plea bargain in his DUI case and who posted a bed selfie over the weekend after what he described as a good night's sleep - will soon be facing legal vandalism charges.

According to TMZ, the district attorney will file charges today in relation to Bieber's alleged egging of his neighbor's home in Calabasas a few months ago.

Bieber was actually caught on camera cursing and trash talking his neighbor, though no footage exists of Justin actually hurling any items at his foe's home.

The neighbor contacted police immediately following this supposed attack, estimating that Bieber caused well over $20,000 in damage.

Police eventually executed a search warrant against Bieber, evidence from which will be used in today's filing.

It's unknown at this time, however, if the artist will be faced with a misdemeanor or (GULP!) a felony. The latter could result in jail time.

The prosecutor who conducted the investigation told TMZ awhile back that if "this isn't a felony, nothing is."

This charge comes soon after the DA’s decision NOT to charge Bieber in an alleged incident last month at a batting cage where a woman claimed the star verbally abused her and grabbed her cell phone.

Considering the cell phone footage shot by his neighbor, however, along with surveillance footage from his own house, this could be the most difficult legal case to date against Justin Bieber. And also the most serious.

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