Justin Bieber: Pot and Partying Piss Off New Neighbors!

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Justin Bieber has egged his neighbors' houses and drag raced down residential streets, so it was just a matter of time before he did the only reasonable thing for a guy has a hard time living near others.

That's right  - he moved into a condo, where he'll be living even closer to his neighbors. 

Yes, Bieber recently bought a condo in Beverly Hills and you probably won't believe this, but according to TMZ, his neighbors already hate him!

Bieber actually rented two units that aren't connected - one for him and one for his entourage.

Not surprisingly the Biebs and crew decided to throw a wild party to christen the new cribs and neighbors swiftly contacted the cops and homeowners association to have Bieber either arrested or booted from the premises.

The Biebs housewarming bash reportedly raged until 4 am, with one resident complaining, "The smell of marijuana was permeating the floor, especially my hallway which is shared by Justin's unit."

Another neighbor complained that Justin threw a midday party for which he outfitted his patio with a full bar and giant bongs.

So it's likely only a matter of time before Bieber is politely asked to leave his new digs.

Hey, at least this time he's only getting himself in trouble. Last week, many blamed Bieber's negative influence for a Selena Gomez house party that was broken up by police.

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