Justin Bieber: Cleared in Batting Cage Phone Jacking Case!

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Justin Bieber is in the clear in at least one of his many legal proceedings. Accusations that he stole a phone at the batting cages last month have been discarded.

According to the Los Angeles County D.A., members of the LAPD investigated an area woman's allegation that the bratty celebrity ganked her phone.

The woman said that Bieber grabbed her phone out of her purse, presumably after she tried to snap a pic of him, leading to a tug-of-war between them.

Police found nothing to support her allegations, however.

Cops interviewed none witnesses at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, where the Bieber cell phone theft is said to have occurred, and none of them saw this.

The D.A. rejected felony prosecution, sending the case to City Attorney's office, who could still charge the 20-year-old with a misdemeanor offense.

Given what the D.A. found (jack), though, that's unlikely.

Furthermore, since being a douche is not currently a prosecutable offense in the state of California, he is unlikely to face charges from this incident.

As for Justin's neighbor egging case, that is still very much open, although the D.A.'s office is dragging its feet in the investigation for one reason or another.

And as for that Selena Gomez photo he posted and deleted, neither singer has commented as of press time, but man, those two cannot quit each other.


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