9 Totally Overrated Foods People Won't Shut Up About: You'll Never Believe #1!

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We say "Starbucks Secret Menu," you say... GROAN!

If you're tired of hearing about the hot new thing everyone says you must absolutely try immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200, you're in luck!

We're tired of it too! (At least for the purposes of this post. See also: more Nutella please!)

But seriously. With food, trends spread like wildfire until before you know it, Cronuts aren't just something you can get in a rat-infested bakery in NYC.

Imitation cronuts crop up in every donut shop from here to Juneau and before long they're just overrated hunks of dough. Like doughnuts. And croissants.

Miraculously enough, however, the cronut didn't actually make it onto this list of the top 9 overrated foods around. Brace yourselves for #1!

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