Grand Rapids Couple Expecting First Child, Sources Confirm "Boy or Girl" Due in December

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It will be an especially merry Christmas for Matthew Richenthal and Katherine Sage this year, very reliable sources confirm to THG exclusively, as the East Grand Rapids couple is expecting its first child.

The baby, whose gender will be discovered via Ultrasound in a few weeks, will be the first of its kind for Mr. Richenthal and Dr. Sage. 

He (or "SHE!" Sage says) is due on December 24.

Hot couple!

"I'm excited," Richenthal said between bites of a muffin, pointing to his wife and adding: "Pretty soon, Hot Mama will be more than just a store at the mall where confused teenagers go to shop and try to act all cool and different and retro and stuff."

"I hope he or she gets my sense of humor," Sage said, eyes fully rolled.

Despite being pressed for comment, very excited grandmother-to-be Maddy Richenthal remained mum on the issue, while her husband was heard muttering something about how he'll soon need a "second ice cream fridge" and Joe Sage was caught wondering how early one can send Tom Izzo video of one's grandchild.

"I knew it," gushed eventual grandmother Debra Sage. "I just knew it. I really did. I knew it."

Sadie Barkley RichenSage, meanwhile, is preparing for the upcoming addition by wondering why the heck the family isn't at the beach.

Asked for her thoughts on the pregnancy thus far, Sadie thought editors said the word car and ran for the door.

The Michigan residents plan to reveal the gender to loved ones as soon as news is in. Both vow to love little Draymond or Jennifer Love the boy or girl either way, however.

At press time, the couple was still trying to think of a creative way to announce the pending child to friends and family members.

"It's tough," Sage said. "But we'll come up with something."

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