Disney's Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie: Actually Happening!

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Disney's Maleficent enjoyed remarkable box office numbers on its opening weekend, and gave star Angelina Jolie the biggest opening of her career.

With that lucrative confirmation that kids and adults alike will turn out in droves to see a live action fairy tale, the House of Mouse is now gambling on a remake of the 1991 animated smash Beauty and the Beast.

The studio - which will also release Star Wars Episode VII in 2015 - announced detailed plans for the live-action B & B yesterday, and they've already got a director and screenwriter in place.

Bill Condon - best known for his work on Dreamgirls and both parts one and two of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - will helm the film, and it's set to be written by Disney veteran Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Of course, the big question on the lips of every Belle-Prince Adam 'shipper is who will play the title roles?

Naturally, Disney is keeping mum on that hot topic, but we'll keep you posted on casting news at it becomes available. 

To tide you over in the meantime, check out the gallery below to see how the Disney princesses rank in terms of popularity. You may be surprised by who beats out Belle:

And as for who should take on the coveted role of the bookish young French gal, well...we think this list of Disney princess lookalikes says it all:

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