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Country music’s biggest stars gathered last night for the 2014 CMT Music Awards, hosted by the beloved Kristen Bell for the third straight year.

The actress did not disappoint from the get-go, opening the show with a hilarious skit of the infamous Jay Z-Solange elevator fight from last month.

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In the opening scene of the show, a stressed-out Kristen – rushing to get to her first solo CMT Music Awards hosting gig – is waiting for an elevator.

We then cut to the "surveillance footage" taking place inside the elevator, where country star Luke Bryan is full-on brawling with Florida Georgia Line.

It’s unclear if Bryan is supposed to be Jay or if the Sunshine/Peach State duo, comprised of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, are Beyonce or Solange.


Either way, the three were reenacting the exact same footage that was released from the Standard Hotel in NYC, and it was predictably amusing.

As the elevator doors open, Luke calmly tells a waiting Kristen, in his distinctive drawl, "Hey! What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator."

Tell that to Jay.

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