Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal in Assault Case, Gears Up For Trial

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Chris Brown rejected a plea deal in his misdemeanor assault case on Wednesday that would have ended the proceedings with no more jail time required.

The singer and prosecutors cannot agree about what happened the night of his arrest for assault in D.C., however, and he turned the plea deal down.

Brown, 25, was arrested in October and subsequently charged with misdemeanor assault. He's accused of hitting a man, Parker Adams, during a scuffle.

He spent one night in jail, several months in rehab and several more months in jail after getting kicked out of rehab in California for violating probation.

Chris was released in early June, vowing never to go back.

According to the AP, the R&B singer rejected a deal to plead guilty to a non-felony assault charge, as offered to him by prosecutor Kevin Chambers.

The Grammy winner would have received a sentence of time served - i.e. no return to the slammer - had talks been successful, which they weren't. Why?

His attorney Mark Geragos told the AP that neither party could agree on the events taking place outside of the W hotel when the altercation took place.

"They wanted him to read from a script that isn't true," said Geragos, the hardest working man in Hollywood, defiantly defending Brown and adding:

"If they want a trial, that's what they'll get."

Brown's trial has been scheduled for September 8 unless a mutually acceptable plea deal can be reached beforehand. Until then, he's a free man (below).

As for why he'd turn down a chance to end it, a guilty plea likely would entail more probation, and he clearly thinks he can win a not guilty verdict at trial.

Stay tuned.


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