Brittny Gastineau Black Eye Photos: Everybody Look at ME!!

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Brittny Gastineau sure has a nasty black eye from someone or something.

The longtime best pal of Kim Kardashian was out and about last night, showing up at not one but two paparazzi hot spots looking to show it off.

Bizarre, unless you're trying to get publicity. Then mission accomplished!

Brittny Gastineau showed up at Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood Tuesday. She went there with her mom, who told photographers cryptically:

"You know ... Angels, when they hit earth, it hurts a lot." 

They did not elaborate, but Brittny, who hooked up with David Blaine at Kim's wedding, also went to Mr. Chow - another place to be seen - just hours earlier.

Bottom line: No one eats two dinners. Especially Brittny Gastineau, unless you're talking about per week. She just wants to make sure she's photographed.

But why? Perhaps the truth will be revealed. Or not. Stay tuned.

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