Barrie-James O'Neill: Lana Del Rey Lies! We're Not Broken Up!

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Earlier this week Lana Del Rey hinted that she'd ended her engagement to Barrie-James O'Neill.

And by hinted, we mean she definitively stated that she and O'Neill are "not together."

But O'Neill apparently sees things differently, as he told TMZ last night that that the relationship between Lana and himself is most certainly "not over."

"Don't believe what you read," O'Neill told a paparazzo. "It's just stories. Bedtime stories."

We're not sure if Barrie-James is endearingly devoted to making his relationship work or terrifyingly stalker-ish in his insistence that he and Lana are still together.

There's just no way to get a read on this guy; he's got a hyphenated first name, for Pete's sake!

Both parties have been extremely tight-lipped about their relationship in the past, but as far as we can tell, Lana and Barrie-James got engaged some time around January of this year.

We have no way of knowing when they split, but the "West Coast" singer went public with the separation around the same time that we learned Lana wishes she was dead

Any connection there? Who knows? All we're certain of is that if we were forced to part ways with Lana, we'd be as delusional about it as Barrie seems to be:

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