Barack Obama Secretly Filmed Working Out in Poland

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Talk about gun control! Barack Obama is in Poland this week to curry favor with Eastern European nations for the US fight against Russian aggression, and somehow a clever Pole was able to evade the Secret Service long enough to film the POTUS' workout.

Sadly, it seems Michelle has the jacked arms in the family, and the above footage is unlikely to convince anyone who's on the fence that Obama is ready to go toe-to-toe with Russia...We imagine Putin works out by throwing horses or something. 

Fortunately, the battle for control of the Ukraine will be settled diplomatically, and not in a Rocky IV-style transcontinental boxing match.

That is, of course, unless Obama's selfie buddy Joe Biden gets pummeled to death in the ring by some Soviet giant, a la Apollo Creed. Then it's whuppin' time. Maybe Obama is training for that possibility.

We kid, of course. The man's 52 years old and we'd say he's in pretty good shape considering the amount he's got on his plate. 

Besides, regardless of how you feel about the man's politics Obama dissed Kim Kardashian last month which is enough to earn him the title of American hero. 

And, of course, we feel comfortable joshing Obama because we know the man has a sense of humor. Check out some of his best quotes from this year's White House correspondents' dinner:


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