Azealia Banks to T.I: You'll Be Back In Jail Soon!

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The feud between Azealia Banks and T.I. got so ugly yesterday that Tip threatened Banks' life on Instagram.

As expected, Banks quickly shot back back with a veiled warning of her own.

"You'll be back in jail soon," Azealia tweeted today, referring to T.I.'s drug arrest in 2010 which resulted in 11 months behind bars and a second imprisonment for a probation violation.

Given how insanely angry T.I. seemed in his initial online tirade, you might expect him to fire another scathing rant at Banks. However, in the video above, the rapper seems remarkably calm while discussing Banks...well, calm by T.I. standards, anyway:

"Say what you want about me, but you say anything about my family, I'm gonna go at you," he tells a TMZ cameraman. "I'm gonna be relentless. I'll chew your throat off your neck if I have to."

Okay, so the cannibalism bit at the end sounds a little crazy, but for the most part, Calvin Harris has remained a level-headed, protective family man throughout the dispute, and his plea to Banks is a reasonable one:

"Just leave me and my family alone...I'll do you one better than that. Say what you will about me, but leave my family out of it."

Unfortunately for T.I., this is the most that anyone has talked about Azealia Banks since she released "212" in 2012. Don't expect her to let up any time soon.

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