21 Dumbest Yahoo Questions EVER ASKED: Why Do Americans Meow?!?

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Back in the day when we wanted to know something, we went to the library and searched the card catalog.

Or we loaded up Encarta CDs that came with our free trials of AOL.

But we probably wouldn't have found the answers to these dumb questions because we weren't dumb enough to ask them in the first place. 

You know that thing about how there are no dumb questions? Yeah, well, that's a lie. A big, fat, juicy lie. 

There are totally dumb questions and you know where those dumb questions get asked? The Internet. Yahoo, pacifically. (That'll be funny in a second. Unless you don't have a sense of humor. In which case you can probably buy one on Amazon. LONG LIVE THE WORLD WIDE WEB!)

People of the Internet will literally ask anything. Don't believe us? Here are the 21 dumbest Yahoo questions EVER asked. As Taylor Swift might say: Like, ever.

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