21 Dumbest Yahoo Questions EVER Asked

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And you just THOUGHT there were no stupid questions! Check out the 21 dumbest Yahoo questions ever asked in the history of the Internet.

1. Because NASA

Because NASA
Funny! We thought thunder was a sign that God was bowling strikes!

2. American Cats

American Cats
Watch out for those American cats! They will get you with their meows!

3. Cats, Man

Cats, Man
No but really, the meows! They are meows to take over your soul!

4. Celery Water

Celery Water
Even the Human Barbie understands that celery has basically no nutritional value.

5. Common Sense

Common Sense
As it turns out, common sense isn't so common, which leads us to wonder how it came to be called that in the first place.

6. Exports and Imports

Exports and Imports
We totally would've answered "call centers" with "doctors" being our second answer.

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