11 Uproarious Tracy Jordan Quotes

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Tracy Morgan basically played himself on 30 Rock. As it happens, that's a wonderful thing - Morgan is one of the great comic talents working today.

1. Tracy on intelligence:

"You're even dumber than I look!"

2. Tracy on Aging:

"The night is young and neither are you."

3. Tracy on Steroids:

"Are you doping, Liz Lemon? That stuff will shrink your testicles, but there are bad side effects as well."

4. Tracy on Boredom:

Tracy on Boredom:
"I need a nap. Dot Com, tell us your most interesting story."

5. Tracy on Geography:

"Like any penis, Florida is very complicated."

6. Tracy on Pets:

"Like the snakes I kept in my dressing room, I release you!"

7. Tracy on Punctuality:

"I didn't get to work an hour late just to be the only one here!"

8. Tracy on Romance:

"My love tank is empty!"

9. Tracy Breaking Bad News:

"Son, this isn't easy for me to say, because my tongue caught what my foot has..."

10. Tracy on Fatherly Regrets:

"I never even taught him how to shave...an orangutan."

11. Tracy on Being Ignored:

"He's avoiding me! What am I, my son's piano recital?!"

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