Turkish Dating Show Contestant Admits On Air: I'm a Murderer!

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Good news, woman who scored zero points in the Family Feud bonus round this week:

You're off the hook at the worst game show contestant of all-time! And it's not even close.

According to Reuters, 62-year old Sefer Calinak appeared recently on a Turkish dating show titled Luck of the Draw.

As one of many suitors vying for the heart of a young woman, calmy described how he killed his first wife because she “irritated” him. He then served just over four years of a 13-year jail sentence.

Calinak married again, had two kids, separated from his new wife and then killed his mistress with an axe after the two got into a fight.

“I killed her after she attempted to kill me," he said on air. "She was accidentally killed when I swung the axe."

Well, yeah. Those kinds of fatal accidents sometimes occur when one swings an axe.

As you might expect, Calinak did not win himself a date. The host asked him to leave after the description of the second homicide.