Presenting: The Best and Worst Family Feud Players of All-Time!

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Over the past few weeks, one Wheel of Fortune player blew a chance at $1 million by mispronouncing a solve puzzle, while another failed to put together a nearly-completed puzzle because she likes to drink

But Anna Sass may have just shot past both these unfortunate souls to become The Worst Game Show Contestant of All-Time.

On a recent episode of Family Feud, Anna only needed 18 bonus round points for her family to take home the grand prize of $20,000.

However, after having to come up with a couple alternatives because her first (good!) answers were already guessed by her father, Anna choked… big time.

Watch what happened below and try to recall: has a bonus round contestant ever netted ZERO total points before?

Elsewhere, the following Family Feud contestant stands out for a very different reason.

A different, hilarious reason, that is. 

We mean... she's not incorrect, is she?

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