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Looks like T.I. was already operating with a pretty short fuse just hours before he got into a fight with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas last weekend.

When security at a crowded pool party denied the rapper entry, things got heated to say the least. Check out the TMZ video of that skirmish below:

T.I. Pool Fight

Prior to the T.I.-Floyd Mayweather fight, he rolled up to Liquid, the pool party at Aria where Nicki Minaj was performing, and tried to sidestep security.

Not a smart move.

Security wasn’t having it, insisting T.I. (who they did not recognize) had to be searched before entering the event, just like any other party-goer.

Once they did realize it was T.I., they let him right into the event, but not before a short but intense standoff that the Las Vegas PD even responded to.

Fast forward a few hours and, well, Tip was still pretty riled up. Floyd telling him to "control your bitch" Tiny didn’t exactly sit well with him either …

Floyd Mayweather-T.I. Fight