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Both girls involved in the infamous shovel girl fight video that hit Vine and went viral last week have been charged with disorderly conduct as a result.

Girl Hit with Shovel

The Miami (Ohio) County Sheriff’s office confirms that a charge of disorderly conduct was filed Monday in Juvenile Court against both girls for fighting.

The victim is 18, but the girl who hit Miranda Fugate in the head with a shovel, knocking her clean onto the ground with her head hitting the pavement, is a minor.

Interestingly, she did not draw any additional criminal charge.

It is believed that unlike the infamous Sharkeisha video, both parties were engaged in an extended, violent altercation before the shovel takedown.

Even though the coup de grace was extremely one-sided and caused serious injury to Fugate, officials determined she should be charged as well.


Local authorities say that the punishment in a case like this is usually a fine and/or community service, but disorderly conduct is a relatively minor offense.

Jail time is not a possibility, in other words, for either party.

The craziest part? Despite saying “I’m deaf in one ear, I have a concussion, I have like blood behind my eardrum,” Fugate tells World Star Hip Hop she wants a rematch.

Once her rival turns 18, that is. Then it’s so on.

In the meantime, “I want to fight Sharkeisha so bad!” she says, proving that even victims can’t help but embrace a bizarre culture that makes them famous online.