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The shovel attack on Miranda Fugate has prompted a criminal investigation, according to reports, and her attacker could end up in serious legal trouble.

Miranda, a.k.a. “Girl Hit with Shovel,” became a sensation on Vine two days ago after the clip of her getting destroyed by the airborne metal object surfaced.

The hit was so bad, there was even a hoax that the punishment left Miranda Fugate dead; this is not the case, and a good thing to for alleged assailant Emily Powers.

The two girls were fighting when one grabbed a shovel and charged the other, who tried to flee. Miranda was nailed her in the back of the head as she peaced out.

The Miami County Sheriff’s office in Ohio says they’re looking into it, assigning a deputy to investigate after they were contacted by the girls’ high school.


Maj. Steve Lord says that the girl who threw the shovel at Fugate could be charged with assault or disorderly conduct, depending on a number of factors.

For her part, Fugate appears to be alright, and has even made jokes about the incident on Twitter, taking the high road even as police look into the incident.

Beginning to look and sound a lot like Sharkeisha to us …

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