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Ann Coulter is no stranger to controversy, but usually the ultra-conservative commentator uses her firebrand techniques to boost her career.

With an ill-advised joke posted to Twitter last night, Coulter has done just the opposite, turning entire online communities against her.

That’s Coulter poking fun at a campaign to free over 250 kidnapped Nigerian girls.

Specifically, Coulter seems to be mocking Michelle Obama’s involvement with the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign by imitating a photo the First Lady tweeted last week.

Needless, to say thousands have expressed their outrage regarding Coulter’s shockingly insensitive attempt at humor.

Fortunately, Internet users nationwide have responded by doing what they do best: making memes!

The situation in Nigeria is beyond tragic, and Ann Coulter will always be obnoxious and desperate for attention, but at least the silver lining here is that Ann’s still capable of making us laugh…just not in the way that she intended. 

So instead of waiting around for Coulter to apologize (Don’t hold your breath on that one.) check out the gallery above to see what some creative Photoshoppers have done with Ann’s original image.

If you start to feel bad for this woman, remember Coulter once called the President a “retard.” Yeah, she’s not nice.